Fine Fusion of Chinese and Japanese Cuisine
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Chef's Special

13.95 3. Sesame Chicken

Large chunks of chicken deep fried until crispy then sautéed with chef's special sauce

12.95 4. Orange Chicken

Chunks of chicken deep friend until crispy then sautéed with orange flavor sauce

15.50 5. Vegetable Paradise

Three separate veg. favorites; bean cured brown sauce, mixed vegetables garlic sauce, & Sauteed string beans

14.95 6. Orange Beef

Sliced fillet of beef done to a crispy, then sautéed w. orange flavor sauce

14.95 7. Sesame Beef

Tender marinated beef with chef's special sauce

17.50 9. Coconut Shrimp

Selected jumbo shrimp, cooked with home made creamy coconut sauce

16.50 10. Triple Delight

Selected jumbo shrimp, sliced tender beef & chicken sauteed w. fresh broccoli, snow peas and mushroom in special brown sauce

16.50 11. Mongolian Trio

Jumbo shrimp, beef and chicken sauteed with our special Mongolian flavor

16.50 14. Double Flavor Lamb

One flavor in sliced lamb w. scallions & onion in brown sauce. The other flavor is sliced lamb w. tangy spicy Ma La sauce

15.50 15. Shrimp & Chicken Hunan Style

Jumbo shrimp & tender chicken first marinated, then served w. a variety of vegetables stir fried w. special Hunan sauce

17.50 17. Happy Family

Combination of jumbo shrimp, sea scallops, sliced chicken, pork, and beef w. mixed veg. in tasty brown sauce

17.50 18. Crown’s Delight

Jumbo shrimp, sea scallops, sliced chicken and beef sautéed with tasty chef's special garlic sauce

17.50 20. Seafood Supreme

Jumbo shrimp, sea scallops, crab meat and vegetables in chef's special Szechuan sauce

18.50 21. Osaka Seafood Festival

Selected jumbo shrimp, sea scallops, crab meat and salmon with mixed vegetables cooked in moderate brown sauce, then served on a sizzling plate

(Half) 16.95 (Whole) 31.95 22. Peking Duck

A young ducking slowly roasted until crispy & golden sliced & served with scallion, rich homemade "hoisin" sauce & pancakes

Fried Rice


Special Authentic Chinese Food

made with less oil, less salt, less sodium, no MSG, chinatown style

10.95 44. Shanghai Rice in Casserole

Home made fine diced ham, baby bok choy with rice cooked in casserole,. This dish takes about 20 minutes to prepare, please order ahead. Able for white or brown.

Steamed Healthy Food Selections

All health steam dishes are cooked with NO MSG, NO SUGAR, NO OIL, SODIUM FREE, WHEAT FREE, perfect for Low-calorie or Low fat need

10.95 H8. Buddha Plus Sesame Tofu

Snow peas, green beans, baby corn, mushroom, bean sprouts & broccoli combined with sesame baked tofu


13.50 Chicken Teriyaki

Boneless chicken broiled with house special teriyaki sauce

14.95 Beef Teriyaki

Tender beef broiled w. house special teriyaki sauce

16.50 Shrimp Teriyaki

Jumbo shrimp broiled w. house special teriyaki sauce

16.95 Scallop Teriyaki

Jumbo sea scallop broiled w. house special teriyaki sauce


10.95 Yaki Udon

Stir-fried Japanese white noodles w. chicken & vegetables in chef's special light brown sauce

12.95 Seafood Udon

Stir-fried Japanese white noodles w. seafood in chef's special light brown sauce